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Why people love Moviebase

This is by far the best movie informer ever! Everything is up to date and its plain and simple, nothing complicated.

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Taru A.

The Netherlands

Nice app to be notified about your favorite series next episode and to know how much longer you need to wait until next season.

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Afrooz R.

Berlin, Germany

Exactly what I needed and super easy to use! The search system is awesome and I've yet to search and not find something.

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Michael K.

New York, USA

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Stay up to date

Explore movies and TV shows based on TMDB, where you can access detailed insights like ratings, reviews, cast, and networks. Let Moviebase be your go-to source for understanding what you’re about to watch.

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Episode tracker

Never forget episodes you are on

Keep track of the episodes you have watched and see how far you have come in your TV show. Synchronize your progress with Moviebase Cloud or Trakt for real-time updates.

List Manager

Keep the overview

Organize your favorite movies and TV shows by creating personalized lists and utilizing the Watchlist to easily keep track of your preferred titles.

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