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Hi there,

Let's talk about Moviebase

Moviebase helps you find and track every movie, TV show and actor on your Android device.


In November 2017, Moviebase was launched by me (Christian Krüger) to provide an innovative movie app for everybody. The goal was to give users the best movie experience, with a focus on a strong integration of the community built content from The Movie Database.


Since then I have continuously improved Moviebase to fulfill every user wish as much as possible. I continue to be inspired by the future of mobile apps with the mission to make intuitive functionalities for movie & series lovers.

Where our content comes from

The Movie Database (TMDb) is a community built movie and TV database. Every piece of data has been added by our amazing community dating back to 2008. TMDb's strong international focus and breadth of data is largely unmatched and something we're incredibly proud of. Put simply, we live and breathe community and that's precisely what makes us different




TV Shows


TV Seasons



The developer behind Moviebase

Christian Krüger

Founder & Developer

Moviebase is one of my biggest projects. As you can already see, I have a passion for developing apps. Not only apps... for me it's important that my solutions are innovative and user friendly. I've been doing this for 10 years in Berlin and to be continued...

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